Firefly Future

Firefly will launch pledge mining after the completion of the early version project development and early investment, and then launch the NFT collection issuance and trading function, as well as pledge capital liquidity mining and NFT pledge loans. In the future, we will launch more NFT projects, including games, music and more, enabling DeFi for all types of NFT assets.

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Token Economics

As mentioned our contract has been fully audited and you are free to review the contract. With our contract already looking after some of our future features, we have an extensive strategy for success and are looking forward to bringing you with us to the moon.Therefore, we will cancel all transaction fees to promote more users to buy and hold。


Aggressive Marketing

We continuously push marketing boundaries and grow our community with various marketing methods.


Integrated Buyback

We have integrated buyback capability to help sustain growth and strengthen liquidity.


Ecosystem Roadmap

We have an extensive ecosystem in development that includes staking and farming just to name a few.

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